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Padres y Madres y el Divorcio
Padres y Madres y el Divorcio

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Claretha Harris

Hello! My name is Claretha Harris. I live in Miami, Florida where I was born and raised. I am a Christian, mother of 3 children and a grandmother to 4 amazing grandchildren. My church is located in Hollywood, Florida where I play a very active role.

As a young child, I volunteered at Jackson Memorial Hospital during the summer months. It was the beginning of my passion to serving others. Throughout my life, servitude and community service have always been important to me.

I am a graduate of Miami Dade College where I spent my undergrad years studying Exceptional Student behavior, behavioral modification and other special needs of children and adults. Later I went on to study and graduate in 2008 with a Bachelor degree in Varying Exceptionalities of children and adults. In 2013, I received my Master’s degree in General education. I have worked with children and parents in Miami Dade for 15yrs, in Delray for 1yr and in Broward County for 2yrs where I am currently teaching. I am dedicated to delivering professional services that empower, educate, strengthen and foster healing, growth, hope, and spiritual development for individuals and families.

The following services are available:

The 4-HOUR Parenting Class is also known as a co-parenting course, divorce course, shared parenting course and a divorce seminar. It meets the requirements for Florida’s Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course. Florida family courts require that parents with minor children who are divorcing or breaking up complete a parenting course, just like this one, before a judge can finalize visitation, custody or child support orders.

You can meet your court requirement by attending one of my 'Live' classes, or if you have a busy schedule take the convenient online class. The state approved course is also called: child impact seminar, pre-divorce seminar, and divided yet united course. This course can be completed at your own pace from the comfort of your own home.

Additional Services:

We offer a Support Group for individuals experiencing divorce or separation. This group provides the continued support that is necessary as individuals’ transition after divorce and adjust to a new lifestyle.

Support Group for parents that have lost a child or children to miscarriage, still birth or any other form of loss. Support Group for women that juggle many hats.