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Padres Madres
Padres y Madres y el Divorcio

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Welcome to Florida Co Parenting Class

Hillary Straus

All of our Florida Parenting Programs are approved by Florida's Department of Children and Families and will meet your court requirement.

Florida family courts require that parents with minor children who are divorcing or breaking up complete a parenting course, just like this one, before a judge can finalize visitation, custody or child support orders.

You can meet your court requirement by attending one of my 'Live' classes, or if you have a busy schedule take the convenient online class.

I am absolutely committed to the process of healing that is necessary to address the pain, anger, and fear that is often part of life. The process of examining the underlying issues which can contribute to depression and anxiety is an important step in long-term healing and creating a sense of overall well-being. Find your inner strengths to discover who you are and what you want in life. Learn powerful coping skills to relieve and release anxiety bringing you back to a sense of being free from unwanted symptoms.

Do you and your partner argue frequently and feel more like distant roommates than partners? Couples counseling can help you re-ignite your passion and find deeper intimacy and connection. Finally find a way to resolve arguments and learn how to communicate with respect and love. It is never too late to seek the life that you truly desire. I provide a compassionate and safe environment for you to explore your pain and then together, we work through it.